Monday, July 21, 2008

Desert Rose WIP

I am finally getting to put my brush to paper today. Next Monday I have a couple of ladies coming out to the studio for an "art lesson". (This wasn't my idea but they insisted that they wanted to see how I paint.) Since I have never given a lesson before and have no idea of what to do, I decided to paint the picture first and do a WIP print out for them to keep. I can't imagine finishing a painting in one day so I thought they could take the print out and be able to finish at home if they wanted to. I am going to post the WIP here, so if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

First I did a drawing and taped off the edges (normally I use a neutral color tape instead of blue but I need to order supplies so blue it is). The painting is 8 x 8 inches on Arches 300lb HP paper. My reference photo is printed out on photo paper and placed in a clear protective cover (a tip I learned from my Watercolor Workshop group.)

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