Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sam & Babe

Meet Sam and Babe (Sam is the Bulldog and Babe is the Shepherd mix). They are both rescue doggies and a wonderful addition to the Greene family.


Doris Glovier said...

Hi Vickie,
I didn't know you were blogging. This is very nice. You must be thrilled with your new camera. What wonderful photos! I just sent the photo of your dogs to my hubby. I swear, Babe is the reincarnation of his childhood dog, Frisky! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks Doris
Blogging is something new for me but I am really enjoying it. Babe has more personality than any dog I have ever owned. Although she is technically my dog, DH is the one she trully loves. Vicki