Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Croatian Stroll WIP

Some of you may remember back in January that I posted some earlier pictures of "Croatian Stroll WIP". I am still slowly working on it. It is hitting its adolescent ugly stage so I will need to push through that and let it grow up. I am being brave to post this in case I totally flub it up.


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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I went back to your earlier post on this Croatian painting, but it seems you did not post your friend's photo, so it will be a mystery until its finished. Is that a wrought iron gate I spy at the top of the steps and is that a taster on the left wall of all the shadow work you will have to achieve. Wish you well with its development.
BTW, loved the photo of the little intruder in your porch - great moment.

Anonymous said...

Keep going Vicki, it looks like a nice scene.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Still good work you have going on this one Vicki...I, like you, am reluctant to show WIPs that are in that awkward teenage phase since they look so unresolved, but it is interesting to see them in these stages and to wonder what you will do next.

Keep on keepin' on with this, it shows great promise!

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks for the support guys. Joan I will post a photo with the next WIP and maybe that will help you see where I am trying to go.

Nava said...

"adolescent ugly stage"? doesn't look like it to me. You've got some wonderful textural areas here, and I love the perspective.