Monday, February 16, 2009

I received this award from Rhonda C. @

Thanks Rhonda. Now all I have to do is name 7 things that I love and pass the award on to 7 blogs that I love. Here goes.............

1. I love God which covers loving everyone else. (I am still perfecting this one -lol)

2. I love walking along the beach smelling the salt air.

3. I love my dog coming to sit at my feet and nose me for attention.

4. I love the smell of gardenias blooming in the hot summer evening.

5. I love ice cream.

6. I love the feel of a cool breeze on my face and the warm sun on my back.

7. I love to paint.

Now for 7 blogs: Just enjoy the award if you don't have time to follow through with the rest. I tried to not duplicate awards and get some new one here.

1. This is one of my new finds. Beautiful work Angela!

2. Neelima does some really neat WIP post.

3. Roseann has a beautiful delicate touch that I really enjoy.

4. Barbara is an amazing watercolor artist.

5. You will always find an interesting variety here.

6. Great paintings and great photography.

7. I always leave this site with a smile.

You are all wonderful artist and I enjoy visiting your blogs. Have a wonderful day!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thankyou so much Vicki for putting me in your award list. .. but you will find the third one on Rhonda's list says 'Joan' and that is me!! not Joan Y. Its a lovely feeling to think you both like my work. Take a peep at my post today listing my favourites and you'll find I said I wanted to add you but you had already received it from Rhonda!!!!

Loredana said...

Viky, I love so much your blog, I tagged you, com and visit my blog to discover what I wrote about you.


Anonymous said...