Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Giveaway Painting!

Watercolor 4x6 inch
Matt or frame not included
Although today is April Fool's Day this post is for real. This painting is a 4x6 inch painting of tomatoes to be sent to a lucky winner. Just send me an email at to enter the drawing. Please put April Giveaway in the subject line. The winner's name will be drawn on April 17th. Good luck to each of you!


RHCarpenter said...

That's beautiful, Vicki. The reds are so pure and luscious and the white bowl is so well shaped.

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks Rhonda!

Loredana said...

Hi Vicki,
thanks a lot for ALL your kind comments on my blog!!!

I'd like to parteciparte to this gieaway too, but as I already won one I'd feel guilty if I win again, so, I'll let some time to pass to come back on your generose game!

Not to say, but this paint s terrific and so well done, the next owner will be very lucky!
Hear you soon!

Vicki Greene said...

Loredana you are very welcome - your work is beautiful! Don't feel guilty about participating in the drawing. I let my DH draw the name so if anyone wins twice it is his fault - lol. I am entering you in the drawing and if you win again you are just a very special person. How is your show going?

jrussellmix said...

I saw this painting over on

A really lovely painting.

Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Vicki Greene said...


Anonymous said...