Friday, December 3, 2010

WIP - Seashell

I am having some computer problems that will require me to take it into the shop so I will not be doing a giveaway this month since I do not know how long I will be without computer access.  My apologies to my subscribers and followers.
I want to leave you with an update on my shell painting.  This is where I am at now.  So far, so good and a long way to go.


debwardart said...

It's looking good; slow and steady we go! Hope the computer problems are easily solveable.

Christiane Kingsley said...

So far...perfect! I love teh softness and transparency of your painting on the shell.
Ugh! Computer problems...I find that so frustrating...and I have difficulty living without my fix of internet time. I sympathize with you, Vicki, and hope that your computer will be nice and healthy soon.
Take care.

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks so much Deb and Christiane.