Friday, March 16, 2012

The disappearing blog list

I was updating my blog, trying to give it a face lift, add some new pages and somehow I must have deleted my blog list.  I used my blog list to keep up with everyone and it may take me a while to find every one's blog again.  If you notice that you have disappeared from my list please let me know so that I can add you back.
I hate it when things like this happen.


debwardart said...

Hey - you lost me (unless you wanted to, of course!)

Judith Angell Meyer said...

I don't remember if you ever put me on your blog list. Wasn't for a long time. Anyway, we do keep in touch from time to time. So not to worry if I'm "one too many!"

Judith Angell Meyer said...

I like the new look Vicki!

Susan Bertke said...

If you'd like to, you could include my blog!

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks all
Deb I wouldn't consider "losing" you. Your art is an inspiration and your posts make me laugh.
Judith of course you are not one too many. You have encouraged me for years and your work makes me strive to improve my fur paintings and your advice is always appreciated.
Susan I don't believe you were on my list previously but you are now and a very fine addition I might add.
Thanks for helping me get my list back in order.

Barbra Joan said...

Not sure I was ever on it, Hmmm!
but I know your on mine . Google blog is going crazy lately. The captcha thing is a puzzle to me. and I don't comment on blogs that have it .. Only if your special you !!!BJ

Vicki Greene said...

Barbra Joan of course you were on my blog list and now I have you there again. I have gone into the settings and turned off word verification so I hope that fixes the difficulty. I hate it too. Hope you have a great day!