Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank You Rhonda & My Current WIP

 I want to thank Rhonda for my wonderful suprise package I received in the mail!  It included a painting 5x7 (picture included), various note cards, stickers, and art supply samples.  It was so much fun going through the items in the package. When you win a giveaway on Rhonda's blog, you win big!  Thank you Rhonda.  Here is a link to Rhonda's blog:
What a bright spot in a cold, cloudy day here in Florida. 

I had wanted to show you my new painting but I doubt I will get it finished this weekend.  My studio is just to chilly to work comfortably even with an electric heater.  I might post a WIP if I make any progress at all. 


Christiane Kingsley said...

My best wishes for the new year, Vicki. Your surprise package from Rhonda seems to be full of fun items. I was also one of the very lucky winners on Rhonda's blog, but since I live Canada, I have not yet received my package in the mail. I am really looking forward to it...and to seeing your newest painting.

RHCarpenter said...

I'm glad it gave you some surprise and pleasure today, Vicki. I know the weather is really getting you down and hope it warms soon.
(Sure hope Christiane's stuff arrives soon but I know it does take longer to cross that border for some reason).

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Ha ... you ought to be in Colorado! We don't quite understand the word, "chilly?"

Okay I'm being a brat. Looking forward to your new WIP as soon as your hands stop shaking.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Lucky Vicki - Rhonda is such a generous lady. Fortunately I have a snug upstairs little study very warm and cosy for the winter months but unable to paint anything really big in here.... and it sure has been snowing lots in dear old England.

Vicki Greene said...

Christiane I hope that you get your package soon. I am sure that you will enjoy it!

Rhonda thanks again. Great job!

Judith, I know I am being whiny but its cold to me. I bask like a lizard on a rock when it is 95 degrees with 100% humidity - lol.

Joan I probably should have a winter spot but the winter weather usually only last a day or two with 60s or 70s inbetween cold snaps. Hopefully by next weekend it will be back to "normal".

Thanks everyone for taking the time to look and comment.

lunardancer said...

I envy you. What I like most from your prize is the cornucopia of art material samples. That would have been the most pleasurable thing to use since I can check out cool new materials which I could use for experimenting with new techniques or effects in painting.